How To Find Easy To Rank Keywords For Niche Websites?

Looking for Easy To Rank Keywords?


I am Tony Hsieh the founder of Digital Ready Marketing. Over the years, my team and I have tested easy to rank keywords on our own niche websites with great success. We even managed to rank without building any backlinks for some of the keywords we tested.

I know it’s time consuming to find easy to rank keywords, especially when you have limited resource. This is why we created Keyword Difficulty Checker to help speed up the research process. We primarily focus on purchase intent keywords that convert well for Amazon affiliates.

Easy Keywords For Niche Websites

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They Are Really “Easy” To Rank Keywords!

Are These Keywords Really Easy To Rank?

Real data on how these easy to rank keywords performed on our own niche websites.

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Articles Started Ranking After 10 Days!

We saw immediate results with our easy to rank keywords.

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A Niche Website – Case Study

How we created a successful niche website with easy to rank keywords!

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