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DRM SEO News 8/31/2014 – 9/06/2014


8/31/2014 – 9/06/2014

A large spike was observed on 8/31/2014 But there was no obvious news or update reported. 


Google Webmaster Central Blog Update

Webmaster Can Now Optimize Their Sites For Bandwidth On Apache And Nginx With Google’s New Tool – 09/04/2014

Google Announces A New And Improved Sitelinks Search Box Within The Search Results – 09/05/2014





Few Worth Noting News For This Week

Google Displaying The Old Version Of Search Page, Google Says There’s No Bug  Google old homepage

Image Source

SearchMetric Study Shows No Ranking Benefit in Google After Sites Migrate From HTTP to HTTPS https_vs_http_searchmetrics_2

Image Source

China’s Largest Search Engine “Baidu” To Build Computer Cluster 100x More Powerful Than The “Google Brain” baidu-magnifying-glass-ss-1920

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