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DRM SEO News 08/16/2015 – 08/22/2015

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A large spike was observed on 08/20/2015 but there was no obvious official news or update reported.

MozCast   The Google Algorithm Weather Report


Google Webmaster Central Blog Update


#NoHacked: Identifying and Diagnosing Injected Gibberish URL Hacking – 08/17/2015

#NoHacked: Fixing the Injected Gibberish URL Hack – 08/24/2015


A Few Worth Noting News This Week

Jimmy Wales Says Wikipedia Is Losing Traffic From Google




How Page Views, Time On Site & Bounce Rate Predict For Changes In Quality Score And Revenue

Both the bounce rate and CTR are strong Quality Score predictors, then Time on Site



The Early Impact Of Google Adding More Ads To Mobile SERPs


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