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DRM SEO News 07/19/2015 – 07/25/2015

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A large spike was observed on 07/22/2015 Microsoft’s “Revenge Porn” Reporting Page Helps Victims Get Photos & Videos Out Of Search Results was reported on the same day

MozCast   The Google Algorithm Weather Report


Google Webmaster Central Blog Update

Google’s handling of new top level domains – 07/21/2015

Google+: A case study on App Download Interstitials – 07/23/2015

Update on the Autocomplete API – 07/24/2015


A Few Worth Noting News This Week

Google Explains How It Handles The New Top Level Domains (TLDs)




Google To Shutter Orphaned Google+ Pages Next Week (July 28)



Google Panda 4.2 Is Here; Slowly Rolling Out After Waiting Almost 10 Months


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