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303 Redirect And Its Effect On SEO

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Everything about 303 redirects

303 redirect

301 and 302 redirects are the most discussed types of redirects by SEO professionals but when it comes to 303 redirects not many people seem to know what it is.

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I personally came across to it recently while checking how good or bad Fortune 500 companies’ websites are doing in terms of SEO.

Surprisingly, along with 302 redirect, there were multiple Fortune 500 companies that utilize 303 redirects for redirecting from an old URL (or a vanity URL) to their home page.

Upon searching for the answer, it became apparent that the status code for 303 redirect is “see other”.

Originally, 303 redirect was used to prevent a form re-submission after an HTTP Post request.

I also found few blog posts reporting how 303 could actually affect a page’s visibility on Google.

In this first blog post at http://www.marketingchip.com/, it shows that with a 303 redirect, as far as how it appears on Google goes, the URL of the original page will be shown but title and description would be from the redirected page. This is actually the same effect as 302 redirect (this was discussed here on digitalreadymarketing.com sometime ago).


How Google handles 303 redirects

Image source: http://www.marketingchip.com/seo-experiments/how-does-a-303-redirect-affect-seo/

The second blog post from http://sharkseo.com/shows the same conclusion but with the Wimbledon Championships site (this was reported back in 2010 so the site has been fixed.)

Wimbledon SERP in Google

Image source: http://sharkseo.com/nohat/303-redirects-seo/

Conclusion for 303 redirect

When it comes to passing link juice, a 303 redirect is just like a 302 redirect. It will not pass link value to the destination page like a 301 redirect does.

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